What is Vimax?

The truth behind Vimax pills

Vimax pills truth uncovered

This website was born to provide objective facts about Vimax pills (and male enlargement pills in general). Unfortunately, it is very difficult for the average user to get reliable and unbiased information about these pills. Why? Let’s look at the definition of Vimax pills right from the wikipedia and you will find out:

Vimax is a brand of male enhancement supplements sold online, primarily through Internet advertising. [...] The distributor claims to pay website owners and advertisers a 50% commission for sales, which are mostly over $200 for 4 bottles of the product. The company also distributes a mechanical penis stretcher and other pills claimed to be aphrodisiacs and to attract the opposite sex.

So there is your answer, they pay other people to advertise their product. There is nothing wrong with paying referrals commission for sales. But a referral should be someone who has used the product and is a true advocate of it. However in this case, there are thousands of people who may have not even tried the product and they are trying to “sell” it to you so they can earn a commission. That is why is so hard to find an honest opinion online with no hidden agenda.

The facts about Vimax pills

Vimax Pills: Do They Live Up to the Hype?

Vimax is one of hundreds of male enhancement products. With all of the options out there, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which one can actually help you. As with other enhancement products, Vimax has pages of testimonials from men who claim that the supplement has solved all of their sexual problems. In fact, the website states that over one million men have purchased the supplement since 2001. Of course, neither the reviews nor the popularity of the product mean that Vimax can do all that is says it does.

It is helpful to look at the claims that the makers of Vimax advertise on their site. In the realm of male enhancement products, claims can range from merely increasing your libido to completely curing you of infertility. The ingredients that make up the product will help to determine how well it can live up to its claims, and scientific research – preferably not that conducted by the manufacturer – can shine some light on the strengths and weaknesses of this particular blend. If you are going to spend your money on a male enhancement supplement, it helps to know all the particulars to make the best choice possible.


Vimax claims

Vimax claims to help in several areas of a man’s sexuality. First, it claims to boost your libido, making your interest in sex skyrocket. Second, it purports to help with performance and satisfaction. This likely means that it helps men achieve erections, makes those erections firmer, and allows for men to last longer. As a helpful side benefit, these actions will also help a man increase his self-esteem. Finally, Vimax is said to help increase the size of the penis itself. Quite a bit of work for one small supplement, and a reasonable man would ask for the hows and whys of these claims.

Unfortunately, the website isn’t very forthcoming. It has loads of testimonials from doctors and patients alike, but we are not told if the testimonials are paid. The lack of independent verification of the supplement is troubling. Of course, most supplements are not FDA approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but most sites have more than a simple list of the benefits of the drugs. Studies, even proprietary ones, should be spelled out and explained. The testimonials should be from independent experts and customers. The current information on the site is little more than a bald statement of amazing properties with no proof to back them up.


The ingredients

Vimax lists its ingredients as vitamin E, ginkgo biloba leaf powder, ginseng, cayenne pepper, saw palmetto, avena sativa, and rice flour. Many of these ingredients have been linked to male enhancement, but not all of them. For instance, ginseng has a questionable track record as a male enhancement product, but it is usually the panax or red ginseng that shows effects. This does not state what type of ginseng is in the blend, what the quality of that herb is, or what the strength of the dose is. In scientific tests, these metrics are vital in determining whether a supplement can help with male sexual issues.

Gingko biloba is better known for its ability to increase memory and cognition, but it does have some usage as a stimulant for microcirculation. It also has been used to treat SSRI related sexual dysfunction. Not much research is available to recommend avena sativa, though many homeopathic practitioners recommend it for everything from fatigue to erectile dysfunction. Saw palmetto, though better known to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy, has some action on libido as well. Although each herb by itself has an inkling of promise for male enhancement, the manufacturers have absolutely no proof as to why this blend is more effective than other blends of equally questionable herbs.


Research on Vimax pills

Obviously, no rigorous, double blind, placebo controlled studies have been conducted on the usage of the Vimax blend of herbs, and this is troubling. The lack of information about the specific blend beyond mere advertising means that you cannot compare this supplement to individual studies of the component herbs. In addition, nothing recommends that this particular blend of herbs is particularly effective, leaving open the question as to which of the several ingredients is the effective one. It would be much easier to take the herbs separately and from a reputable herbal manufacturer than to take a mixed supplement of unknown quality.

However, some of the ingredients do have scientific studies behind them. For instance, a study published in Human Psychopharmacology in 2002 researched gingko biloba’s effectiveness against SSRI induced erectile dysfunction, and it found that it was no better than the placebo. No current scientific studies are available for avena sativa, and most of the saw palmetto research has focused on prostate issues. Ginseng has several scientific studies that support its usage as a male enhancement product, but they specifically focus on red or panax ginseng. With Vimax, the product seems to be on the right track, but it falls well short of proving that it is a viable treatment alternative to prescription ED medications, such as Viagra.

What is Vimax? | The truth behind Vimax pills